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Waste Water Treatment

In designing a system we work with a basic principle that 'in nature there is no waste because one organism's waste is another's food'. Inherent within this are concepts of nutrient balancing carrying capacity, completing and linking cycles and the food web.

We distinguish between a biological treatment system (using bacteria) which creates a sludge (not consumed nutrient) and an ecological system which utilises a much wider range of flora and fauna (bacteria, microorganisms, invertebrates, fungi and plants) that consume nutrients and thus minimise sludge production. By provision of the correct balance and mixture of flora and fauna it is possible to support those creatures higher up the food chain, (i.e. fish, birds, amphibians and mammals). The more complex the food web, the greater the efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility of the treatment system.

Each system is a unique design according to the particular characteristics of the pollutants ( liquid or solid) and the context in which it is produced or discharged.

Steps include:
  • Environmental audit
  • Management of the process to reduce the volume or toxicity of all end products
  • Management of water (process water, roof water, surface water).
  • Assessment of the chemical composition of the effluent or waste product and the strength of the waste product
  • Volume, flow rates, discharge rates, other relevant information on timing or dynamics of feeds and waste products
  • Determination of potential resources that can be created using the waste products
  • Site assessment (level survey, climatic factors, available area, location in context with the wider community and landscape)
  • Design process includes the choice of the type(s) of biological and ecological systems required for the treatment and transformation of the effluent and waste into a resource and sizing the treatment system appropriately.
  • Detailed drawings and specifications are drawn up
  • Liaison with project team, official bodies,
  • Project management (can act as main contractor)
  • Site Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Supervision and commissioning of the construction process
  • Maintenance and Aftercare
  • Landscaping and Habitat Creation
We offer our clients a complete service from integrated management and design through to implementation and landscaping. An environmental audit and up front management steps are required because it is a necessary part of the design solution.

The implementation of water and waste minimisation measures has given our industrial clients a commercial payback on treatment systems of between one to two years.

Due to our integrated approach our treatment systems are considered best practice, achieving excellent standards for a treatment system and are accepted as one of the wastewater treatment industry options by the Environment Agencies. Wherever possible we discharge via land and trees (functional landscaping) instead of a water so that its discharge is to an appropriate ecological system.