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Surface Water Management and Treatment

In the UK the treatment of surface water arising from new developments is a requirement set by the UK Environment Agencies in order to prevent contamination of water bodies.

We have developed a range of designs using wetland habitats that can capture, treat, ameliorate, attenuate and store storm events yet are able to have enough water year round to endure the dry periods. This water can be safely discharged to a water body or used for irrigation and habitat creation.

Other measures that are also used for the attenuation of surface water include: porous pavement, filter drains and Hydrobrakes (which reduce discharges to a lower, constant rate).

In some areas that have sewage works receiving a combined surface and foul water mix, surface water treatment systems can be essential to prevent flooding of the sewers and can be used as part of an integrated strategy for flood prevention for a region.

Living Water has designed systems for use in treatment and flood prevention. We have also treated contaminated roof and surface water at a factory site that is recycled back into the factory at a rate of 13 m3 per hour year round.